What I love most about Southeastern is that they are quick to respond. There was an issue recently with an air conditioning unit at a property that wasn’t cooling — I called Southeastern and they were out that same afternoon. In the past, with other companies we’ve worked with, I have waited up to 5 days sometimes for someone to come out.

If I have questions about a quote or a system, Southeastern takes the time to educate me. This really helps me become more knowledgeable, and that has saved me so much time when preparing estimates.

Whenever I meet or run into any of the technicians at a property,
they are always polite and professional.

Because they are working at individual properties, this is so important.

Cindy Jackson
Property Manager – Industrial Division
Taylor and Mathis, Inc.

As Facilities Manager at the University of Maryland, I contracted with an OEM that specializes in pool dehumidification systems to install replacement, built-up systems for our natatorium. We have had nothing but problems since the units were commissioned two years ago. When the factory techs failed to solve our issues, they provided me with the name of an independent mechanical contractor that troubleshoots dehumidification systems.

I contacted Tony Gentile at Southeastern in Atlanta and booked his visit to our site. His approach was quite different from what we had previously experienced. He asked my team to sit down with him and convey all the symptoms that we could identify. He took pages of notes and listened carefully to everything we had to say. How refreshing. He then worked through his notes, line by line, explaining probable causes. He inspected the systems and, among other things, proposed piping changes that would facilitate oil return to the compressors. Since executing his plan, we have had no further problems.

Southeastern’s tech support and rapid response was a game-changer for us.

Gerald Young

I am a professional swimming coach at Chicago’s West Swim Club, and we have had numerous issues and failures with our three large HVAC units for years. We cannot keep the indoor pool environment comfortable and well-ventilated. We have had several “experts” come out to inspect, diagnose and attempt to fix our chronic problem(s). Not one person or mechanical contracting company was able to correctly diagnose, explain or correct the issues with these units. Phone conversations with the manufacturer’s tech support proved useless.

Fortunately, while digging through my contacts, I found Tony Gentile’s business card from Southeastern. Tony remembered me from a visit he made years earlier. During our conversation, he asked several questions and stated that a site visit and inspection was necessary to get a complete picture of what had changed over the years.

Upon inspection, he stated he knew exactly what was happening and how to correct the problems.

I finally felt like I met someone who could get me out of this situation. My units and building were suffering due to the lack of reliable operation. We sat down and Tony explained to me in detail what was occurring and what needed to be done. For the first time in six years, we had answers and a path forward.

If you have had or are having issues with your pool dehumidifier(s), you need to reach out to this guy – no one knows them like he does.

A Cremieux
West Swim Club

We have worked with Tony and his Company for over 10 years. His attention to detail is second to none.

He goes out of his way to be available when we have a technical or operational question and supports us well.

He knows these systems better than anyone and we have a long history to show for us.

C. Meehan
Director of Grounds
St Ignatius College Preparatory

Our facility provides patients with pool therapy for various ailments. We’ve had years of issues with our dehumidification system, including constant alarms and never more than a few days of trouble-free operation. We were referred to Southeastern and had phone consultation and then scheduled his visit. He was very diligent in his approach, asking questions and listening carefully. We felt confident he would discover the root cause of our problems.

Tony diagnosed the problems, and his crew went out of their way to get the solutions worked out and installed.

We have now worked with him for over six years. This is THE guy to call for indoor pool dehumidifiers.

A. Brown
Brown Rogers Therapy