Southeastern Heating and Air is committed to customer service and putting our clients first. Every project, whether it’s a repair, upgrade or new installation starts with an evaluation and customer acceptance. We are always available to discuss your needs and answer any questions and provide references.
Common Questions Include:
Q / How much do you charge for repairs?
A / Our service is based on a flat rate system. We charge a flat rate for travel and diagnosis. A quote is provided for a flat rate for repairs, installation and labor. Unlike other HVAC service companies, our technicians do not receive a commission to sell parts or equipment. You can be confident that the repairs we recommend are based on your needs and not commission.
Q / Are you insured?
A / Southeastern Heating and Air is a fully insured HVAC company. We carry all the required coverage so you can rest assured that you’re working with professionals.
Q / Do you provide maintenance for new installations?
A / We offer a year of covered maintenance for new HVAC system installations. We then offer ongoing maintenance programs at an additional cost.
Q / Do you haul away old equipment after installation of new equipment?
A / As part of our commitment to be eco-friendly, we offer haul away services for all old equipment, which is then recycled. We pride ourselves in leaving things as good or better than we found them.
Q / How often should HVAC systems be serviced?
A / We recommend that commercial and industrial systems be serviced once every quarter and residential systems twice a year. The servicing should include a thorough cleaning and washing, particularly after pollen season when air quality is poor.
Q / How often should filters be changed?
A / It depends on the filter size. Standard one-inch pleated filters should be changed every three to four weeks. Four-inch or larger media filters should be changed every three to six months. These are typical recommendations based on average usage.
Q / Why is my air conditioning unit freezing up?
A / There are several reasons why an air conditioning unit constantly freezes up. It could be low refrigerant charge, a leak or insufficient airflow. Clogged filters are the fastest way to kill a compressor. It is a myth that you can “top off” an air conditioner every year. Be sure to have your unit maintained on a consistent schedule to avoid freeze-ups in the dead of summer.
Q / What is the typical lifespan of an HVAC system?
A / A well-maintained residential system can last fifteen to twenty years, but if your unit is over twelve years old a replacement may be suggested to take advantage of new energy efficient technologies. Commercial units typically should be replaced every ten years.
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