Southeastern Heating and Air is committed to finding the right balance between comfort and protecting the environment. Our commercial and residential heating and air conditioning services are environmentally friendly, while keeping your home or business at the right temperature year-round.

We offer green heating and cooling solutions planned and installed by EPA-certified technicians. With indoor air quality testing services, regular seasonal tune up services, and HVAC recycling systems in place, we help our clients reduce their carbon footprint and take advantage of tax credits and discounts.

Our pool dehumidifiers recycle energy to control indoor temperature and humidity They also utilize waste heat to maintain pool temperature helping to keep operating costs low by recycling energy. This reduces the use of energy ad can provide up to a 40% to 60% savings over conventional outside air dilution systems.
Our High Environmental Standards Include:
  • Recycling old equipment to reduce landfill additions
  • Steps to reduce disposal and recovery fees
  • Our trucks use high efficiency clean diesel technology
  • Use of energy efficient and high-quality air filtering solutions
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