As a full-service, insured mechanical service and installation company for air conditioning, heating, and indoor pool dehumidifier systems, we specialize in industrial and commercial facilities as well as multifamily residential. Our licensed technicians are trained on a variety of systems and will service systems under warranty and those that are no longer under warranty. Our objective is to work with each client to identify needs, find cost-effective solutions by either repairing or upgrading systems, and if necessary, install a new system that is appropriate for the facility.
Air Conditioning
Specializing in industrial and commercial buildings and facilities, Southeastern Heating & Air Conditioning technicians are highly trained and certified in installing, maintaining and upgrading commercial HVAC systems. We take the time to understand your air conditioning needs, the layout of your building, and the true source of the problems. Working with you, we find solutions that are environmentally viable and help ensure that your building’s occupants are in a comfortable climate, breathing the cleanest air possible. We follow a process of best practices that starts with a thorough inspection of your unit, including its age and condition, and offer solutions that are timely and affordable.
Air Conditioning Services Include:
  • Maintenance and service contracts
  • Repairs & performance testing to existing equipment
  • Full-service design/build/installation of mechanical systems for commerical buildings
  • Building HVAC system analysis and performance testing
  • Startup and commissioning new equipment
  • Pre-start Inspections / checklist review
  • On-Site refurbishment & rebuild/ upgrade programs for existing equipment using genuine factory parts
Southeastern Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to providing a comfortable and warm environment. Specializing in commercial and industrial facilities, Southeastern’s technicians are certified and trained to help create a consistent climate throughout your office, facility, or home. An efficient heating system is not only a matter of comfort, but it can cut your utility bill by up to 50%.
Heating and Furnace Services Include:
  • Maintenance and service contracts
  • HVAC system analysis and performance testing for large buildings and facilities
  • Commercial building full-service design and build of mechanical systems
  • Installation, startup and maintenance of new equipment
  • Design Review / On-Site Project Review
  • Pre-Start Inspections / Checklist Review
  • On-Site Refurbishment / Full Service Rebuild / Upgrade Programs for existing equipment with genuine factory parts
Indoor Swimming Pools
For over 20 years, Southeastern Heating & Air Conditioning has earned an exceptional reputation for servicing indoor athletic pools, commercial pools, and hospitality industry pools. Our dedicated team of specialists is specifically trained in the installation and servicing of dehumidification of natatoriums and commercial indoor pools and facilities. We maintain an inventory of parts, saving you time and money. Our team can quickly evaluate your system and work with you to determine the right solution, which can include repair, rebuild, or replacement. Our goal is to get your system operating at peak efficiency.

Southeastern is recognized throughout the U.S for its experience and expertise with the installation and service of indoor pool dehumidifiers. We specialize in servicing PoolPak® products as well as Seresco®, Dectron® and all other brands. We are a member of the Association of Physical Plant Administrators of Universities and Colleges (APPA).
Why Dehumidification Matters
Maintaining appropriate water temperature while controlling the relative humidity and air temperature helps assure optimum space and water conditions. A dehumidifier recycles energy in order to control indoor temperature and humidity. It can utilize waste heat to maintain pool temperature. This approach to dehumidification helps to keep operating costs low by recycling energy and can provide up to 40% to 60% savings over conventional outside air dilution systems. By maximizing the use of outdoor air ventilation we can improve or enhance indoor air quality. We can identify an ideal solution to ensure the optimization of efficiency and a comfortable environment. Proper dehumidification and ventilation enhance overall comfort while reducing mold, mildew, asthma, allergies, and odors. In addition, proper ventilation and dehumidification can reduce structural damage, corrosion, and condensation on surfaces which could lead to structural damage.
We Offer the Following Service for PoolPak®, Seresco®, Dectron® and other.
  • On site equipment installation
  • Startup and commissioning of new equipment
  • Maintenance and service contracts
  • Design review and on-site project review
  • Pre-start inspections and checklist review
  • Repairs to existing PoolPak®, Seresco®, Dectron® equipment and other brands nationally and internationally
  • On-Site refurbishment / upgrade programs for existing equipment
  • Full-service rebuild and refurbishment with genuine factory parts
  • PoolPak® Seresco® and Dectron® retrofit and rebuild solutions
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